MAISONZHOU founder Sophie Corlett


MAISONZHOU is the story of British designer Sophie Corlett, whose childhood love of 1920s Hollywood movies and vintage fashion has fused with her grown-up love of travel and of Asia, where she has lived since 2004.

Brought up in a family of retailers in the rural English countryside, Sophie’s interest in the clothing and fashion industries started early and her first “Saturday job” was as a sales assistant at a local lingerie shop. Keen to escape the family business, Sophie trained as a lawyer and six months into her career in London was sent to Hong Kong. 

Inspired by the street style of the Hong Kong girls, their unique way of combining East and West and their knack of adding statement luxury fashion pieces to their everyday wardrobes, in October 2016 Sophie launched MAISONZHOU, a line of luxury silk lingerie and loungewear perfectly suited to the Asian climate and inspired by both the vintage fashions of the golden age of Hollywood and the stories of a traveller’s life on the Silk Road. The line has strong Asian influences, reflected in the choice of fabrics, designs and prints.

“Zhou” is borrowed from the Chinese dynasty as well as the remarkable story of the Chinese opera star Xiaoyan Zhou who was sent to study in Paris during the second world war and where she went on to achieve extraordinary success, as well as in her native China. The spirit of adventure and strength her story conjures up inspired Sophie to create Madame Zhou, the MAISONZHOU muse.   

Sophie currently lives in Singapore with her French husband Jude and their two children.